~ Feelings ~

I'm really good at hiding my feelings.
You may realize it,
You may not realize it.
Or maybe you just ignore it.
Or maybe,
You're just too stupid to realize it.

Aku tak reti nak tergedik gedik dengan lelaki,
Aku tak reti nak terhegeh hegeh dengan lelaki.
Nak layan lelaki pun tak reti,
Nak mulakan langkah lagilah,
Apatah lagi nak pikat.
Kalau nak yang jenis macam di atas,
Pergilah dekat perempuan lain tu.
Yang boleh buat macam tu.

I only treat them like I treat other people.
Even though I have feelings for them.
Because I am not gonna show 'em my feelings.
But once I am confident with what they want from me,
Trust me.
I'll treat them better.
Like how a woman should treat her man.

But NONE had shown me,
That they had an interest in me.
Maybe show 'em a bit,
But none that had made me convince,
That they are into me.
Sometimes, instinct are not enough.
It need something else,
Something that can convince me,
That you are into me.
Effort, that is.

Kadang, simpan lebih baik dari luah.
Tapi kalau lama disimpannya,
Ia akan makan dalam.
Dengan ingati DIA,
Adalah cara untuk elak dari terus lalai.
Kadang, bila difikirkan balik,
Not being in a relationship is better than being with the wrong one.
Who knows, he might not be the one.
HE knows better.

Cukup cukup laa tu merapu.
But it's not really merapu.
It just how I feels.
Right now.
For the same person.

Letting go is hard,
But holding on is harder.

The. End.


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